Murat Ham

Murat Ham was born in Braunschweig, Germany, and holds a master’s degree in political science with a focus in political communications and journalism research. The award-winning writer and trained journalist possesses several years professional experience working as an editor at renowned print, online and broadcast media outlets, book author of numerous books and novels. Murat Ham has worked as well as an editorial director/chief editor in corporate communications, Head of the Press Office (press officer), Head of Internal Communications and for many other renowned clients.

He is journalist, novelist, presenter, coach, communication consultant, author, editor, lector, lecturer, keynote speaker, speaker and scrum master. Customers – including many well-known companies, start-ups in Berlin and numerous medium-sized companies – use his services and innovative communication concepts.

During his work as a journalist he has through its various reports – collected valuable and exciting experiences – especially in business reporting. Even topics for automotive, engineering and education sector are still present and belong among his professional life. The introduction, establishing, creating transparency and supervision of communication channels in numerous teams are important fields of activity. This includes the development, consulting and implementation of extensive communication strategies. He has also a rich practical knowledge in the political and communication consulting.

Awards, publications and theater work

In February 2014 Murat Ham published his new novel “Liebeslügen” (“Love lies”). Actors from Berlin have again represented at the book launch a part of the novel “Berliner Liebesfluchten” (“Berlin love escapes”). In May 2014 the Tiyatrom has awarded him with the Future Prize in 2014 (“Zukunftspreis 2014”) as part of the jubilee 30 years Turkish Theater in Berlin. In the certificate for the Future Prize 2014 it called: “Intercultural communication is the key to the future. The theater Tiyatrom gives to Mr. Murat Ham as part of the jubilee 30 years Turkish Theater in Berlin the Future Prize 2014 for his excellent work and outstanding commitment in this field. We wish Mr. Murat Ham continued success and numerous imitators."

Murat Ham has been the head of more than a year event series "German-Turkish literary evening". For the literary evening in autumn 2013 in Berlin (Tiyatrom) have also actors the first showing of his novel “Berlin love escapes”. This novel was published in spring 2013 and is intended as the first part of a trilogy. The publishing house and editors elect this novel as the “BOOK OF THE MONTH” May 2013. In October 2011 Murat Ham published the book “Fremde Heimat Deutschland – Leben zwischen Ankommen und Abschied” (“Germany, the Foreign Homeland: Life between Arriving and Leaving”) with the publishing house ibidem. In his foreword, Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit praised the book. And this book was nominated for the Karlsruher Book Prize 2012. Beginning November 2012 Murat Ham published the book “Suche nach Glück: Leben mit der zerrinnenden Zeit” (“Search for happiness: Life with the melting time”). In the year 2009 he published the book “Jung, erfolgreich, türkisch: Ein etwas anderes Porträt der Migranten in Deutschland” (“Young, Successful, Turkish: A Somewhat Different Portrait of Migrants in Germany”) with a foreword of the German Federal Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble.


Future Prize 2014 - Intercultural communication

Publishing house and editors elect novel as

Nomination for the Karlsruher Book Prize 2012

Volunteering and engagement

Engagement in different series of lectures and readings for the intercultural dialogue

Translations in German/English/Turkish for and with refugees in Berlin

Board member – Neue deutsche Medienmacher (2011-2014)